Art House "Baikal"
Art House "Baikal" is located at the 64th km of the Baikalsky Highway, near the village Listvyanka in the front of the legendary Shaman-stone. In the woodland on the hillside there is the three-storey building which windows offer panoramic views at the Pearl of Siberia - Lake Baikal.
Baikal Museum of Irkutsk Scientific Center of the Siberian Branch of The Russian Academy of Sciences
Baikal Museum of the Irkutsk Scientific Center of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, received the status of an independent research institution in 1993.
Baikaler - Eco Hostel (Belka Hostel)
Belka hostel is located in a quiet and green area of Listvyanka, surrounded by nature.
Cafe "Kayuta Kapitana" ("Captain's cabin")
Cafe "Captain's cabin" is located on the second floor of the hotel "Olkhon", with a balcony which offers magnificent views at Lake Baikal. The cafe is decorated in a nautical theme.
Cafe "Kudesnitsa"
Cafe "Kudesnitsa" is located in the main street Baikalskaya in the Khuzhir settlement of the Olkhon Island.
Circum-Baikal Railway
Circum-Baikal Railway is an architectural and landscape reserve, where at the relatively small area of the coast of Lake Baikal is concentrated a huge amount of engineering constructions, many of which are not only unique, but also very picturesque.
Ferry to the Olkhon Island
To go to the Olkhon island is possible by the ferry "Small Sea" - Olkhon, where currently there are two ferries - a small ferry "Dorozhnik" and a big ferry "Olkhon Gates".
Hotel "Altan"
Hotel "Altan"offers year-round vacation in the beautiful natural areas with a large choice of entertainment programs.
Hotel "Anastasia"
Baikal is beautiful at any time of the year! "Anastasia" is located in a prime location - on the source of the river Angara.
Hotel "Guestyard by Anna"
Hotel "Guestyard by Anna" is located in the center of Bolshoye Goloustnoye settlement. We offer you double rooms in a new small hotel. There is a possibility of parking. Banya (Russian steam sauna). Rent barbecue. At the hotel there is a cafe where you can enjoy delicious Russian and Buryat cuisine, drink fresh and cold draft beer and kvass. Near the hotel there is a shop with a large range of products and liquors. We have our own bakery, and guests have the opportunity every morning to enjoy fresh pastries and fragrant bread. Omul fish - fresh, salted, smoked and dried. Also on sale is a large assortment of souvenirs and household goods. Tire shops. You can pay through the terminal of cashless payment. The store has a payment terminal provider.
Hotel "Krugobaikalskaya"
Hotel "Krugobaikalskaya" is located in a unique location in the village "Port Baikal", where the Circum-Baikal Railway begins.
Hotel "Legend of Baikal"
Hotel "Legend of Baikal" is located in one of the most beautiful places - on the shores of Lake Baikal, at the source of the Angara River, opposite of the legendary Shaman stone, 64 km from Irkutsk in Listvyanka settlement. The combination of pure Baikal air, the fragrance of pine and cozy rich green area creates a unique atmosphere of unity with nature, relaxation and tranquility. The combination of European service and comfort are the most pleasant memories of the hotel: you will want to return to this place again and again.
Hotel "Mayak" ("Lighthouse")
Hotel "Mayak" is the largest hotel on the shores of Lake Baikal. It is situated in the central place in Listvyanka - this is the first starting point before exploring the Great Baikal Lake (65 km from Irkutsk).
Hotel "Solnechnaya"
Hotel "Solnechnaya" offers comfortable and affordable accommodation on the Olkhon Island. The hotel is 500 m from the shore of Lake Baikal and the famous Shamanka Rock. Good location, delicious food and comfortable atmosphere, this is what characterizes this hotel. The hotel is perfect for relaxing with the kids. Guests can also enjoy a variety of excursions on Olkhon.
Hotel "Sozvezdiye Baikala"
Welcome to the new hotel in Listvyanka at Lake Baikal!
Hotel "U Svetlany"
Hotel "U Svetlany" is located in Khuzhir settlement, in one of the sunniest places on the lake, on a mysterious ancient land - Olkhon Island, transcendental abode of spirits. Here you will find peace of mind, enjoy the unique nature.
Hotel "U starogo mayaka" ("Near an old lighthouse")
Hotel "U starogo mayaka" is located in the village "Port Baikal", in a renovated building of the train station. On the first floor there is an exhibition, which is devoted to the construction of the Circum-Baikal Railway, hall with a seating area, a cafe, a souvenir shop. On the second floor there is a lounge, billiards, bathroom, hotel rooms.
Listvyanka has become the visit card of Lake Baikal. Even in winter Listvyanka is the most visited place on the lake: you can drive in cars on the ice, do skiing, dog sledding or sleigh rides with three horses.
Listvyanka Club Grill & Restaurant
"Listvyanka Club Grill & Restaurant" is located in Listvyanka settlement, in the hotel complex "Podlemorye." Local Siberian cuisine.
Mini-hotel "Baikal"
Mini-hotel "Baikal" is located in the heart of Lake Baikal - on the Olkhon Island. The mini-hotel has a really good location, just 150 meters from the shore of the lake, sandy beach and the famous Cape Burkhan (Shamanka Rock).
Nikita Bencharov's homestead
Our family is pleased to invite you to the Olkhon Island, the second largest island, located in the fresh water. It is the largest and only inhabited island on Lake Baikal.
Olkhon Island
Among the three dozen islands of Lake Baikal, Olkhon Island, surrounded by many ancient myths and legends, stands out by the size, diversity of landscapes, majesty of nature sanctuaries.
Port Baikal
Port Baikal is a cargo and passenger port, located on the lake at the source of the Angara River in the village "Baikal" of Slyudyanka district.
Recreation base "Oltrek"
Year-round recreation base "Oltrek" "conveniently located in the Primorsky ridge surrounded by mountains on the shores of Lake Baikal in the area of ​​the Small Sea, 270 km from Irkutsk. "Oltrek" has been hosting visitors since 2004! The recreation center is focused mainly on a family vacation.
Restaurant "Baikal View"
The restaurant with Russian cuisine in the hotel "Baikal View Hotel".
Restaurant "Sval"
Restaurant "Sval" is located in Listvyanka settlement, in the hotel complex "Podlemorye." Local Siberian cuisine.
Shaman Stone
Shaman Stone is a protected rock near Lake Baikal, at the source of the Angara River. It is a natural monument of Baikal National Park.
Shamanka Rock (Cape Burkhan)
On the Olkhon Island in the Khuzhir settlement there is a most popular attraction - Shamanka rock, one of the nine holy places of Asia.