"Barguzin" cinema
"Barguzin" cinema palace is a brand new cinema, equipped with advanced achievements in the field of cinema, which has no analogues in Irkutsk.
"Khudozhestvenny" cinema
Cultural and recreational center "Khudozhestvenny" is the perfect place for conferences, business meetings, seminars, round tables, art and photo exhibitions, concerts and other events.
"KinoJam" cinema
The multiplex "KinoJam" has six halls with a total capacity for 846 people. All cinema halls are equipped with the modern cinema equipment, American cinema projectors Christie, comfortable seats and sound system of the German company «Electro Voice».
"KinoPark" cinema
"KinoPark Caramel" is six cinema halls with increased comfort, the most modern digital equipment, a huge amusement park for the whole family, more than 100 slot machines, a cinema bar.
"KinoQuartal" cinema
The cinema is located in the very city center, on the fifth floor of the shopping center "Modny Quartal" in 130th District.
Cinema "Chayka" ("Seagull")
Cinema "Chayka" is close to the main train station of Irkutsk. If you need to spend some time until the departure of your train, visit the cinema "Chayka".
Cinema club "Don Otello"
Cinema club "Don Otello": - cinema hall "Premium" with 56 seats - service in the cinema -new sound system -comfortable folding leather sofa - presentations and business seminars