Entertainment center "Akula"
Entertainment center "Akula" is located on the Upper River Embankment. Here there are non-stop high-tech bowling lanes with top-notch, cozy bistro, a Japanese restaurant and explosive dance floor.
Night Club "Dikaya Loshad'" ("Wild horse")
Club-restaurant "Wild Horse" is a great place for people who love to dance and to have a good leisure. In addition, the club-restaurant "Wild Horse" always serves European, Russian, Chinese and Japanese cuisines. Our menu will surprise you with a wide variety of choice and quality of the cooked meals.
Night club "Benzin"
Club "Benzin" is unique for Irkutsk city, it is a club art project that combines the advantages of the best entertainment institutions. Located in the center of Irkutsk, it opens its doors to everyone who is ready to learn a new level of quality in the club culture.
Night club "Cherdak"
Restaurant & fashionable disco "Cherdak" is a Democratic Club without pathos that has all the advantages for guests' relaxing.
Night club "Megapolis"
Night club "Megapolis" is open every night. It has everything you need for leisure activities in the atmosphere of friendly fun and new acquaintances. Visitors can enjoy all sorts of entertainment. You can get a taste of new drinks, dance under incendiary music, get acquainted with interesting people and get satisfaction from the weekend. Rest in this night club will give you and your friends a lot of vivid impressions.
Night club "Zazhigalka"
The night club "Zazhigalka" is open at night. It provides a range of services for holidays with joy and positive. It offers a variety of fun. Have a chance to relax in the bar, perform a dance on the dance floor, get acquainted with interesting people, relax fully. Activities in this club will bring you a lot of unforgettable emotions.