"Fuller's", bar and restaurant
Fuller`s is a combination of the best English traditions, cuisine from the British Isles and pleasant, relaxing atmosphere.
"Gold Grot", bar and restaurant
Restaurants of network Grot are open for real enthusiasts of fantastic, live, fresh, high-quality beer, because here all varieties are presented , not only the leading European sorts, but also of local producer.
"Harat's Pub", bar
Harat's Pub - it's emphasis on the bar and the concept of a minimum service with a simple menu. Distinguishes Harat's free for guests and the atmosphere of the pub.
"Killfish", bar
The basic idea of Killfish bars is to offer our guests high quality food and drinks at the lowest prices. And we do our best to justify your expectations and offer the lowest prices in town while adhering to high quality standards.
"Kruzhal", bar
"Kruzhal" is the place for easy going people and brave companies: cocktails from batender, great whiskey choice and, of course, beer, beer and beer!