130th District

On the territory of what is now the 130th District Irkutsk people began to build houses in the early XVIII century. At that time, the land was out of Irkutsk and developed by rural type. All the buildings were made of wood, the area remained unimproved, so by the beginning of the XX century houses among the stone buildings adjacent areas consist of small villages than monuments. In 2008, for the 350th anniversary of Irkutsk it was decided on the basis of the 130th District to create a special historical area. The project to create the Irkutsk Sloboda (the modern name of the quarter) was approved at the level of the regional government. In late March 2010 began the resettlement of residents of old and dilapidated houses, rapidly underwent restoration of cultural heritage quarter and construction lost monuments. In September 2011 - in the anniversary of Irkutsk - Sloboda took its first guests. At the site of the old barracks of poorly with sloppy brownfield sites in the center of the capital appeared Priangarye noteworthy quarter with neat cobblestone promenade, beautiful historic mansions, museums, restaurants and infrastructure.

Useful information

A monument to the Babr is located exactly in the beginning of 130th District (a Siberian tiger on coat of arms of Irkutsk).

Proximate sights

Holy Cross Church
Category: Churches
distance 0.1 km
Irkutsk Academic Drama Theatre of N.P. Okhlopkov
Category: Theatres
distance 0.5 km

Proximate restaurants

"Kruzhal", bar
Category: Bars
distance 0.0 km
"Chento", restaurant
Category: Restaurans
distance 0.0 km

Proximate events

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