Holy Cross Church

In the middle of the XVIII century Irkutsk became so a rich city that rightfully challenged the title of the"Siberian capital" with Tobolsk city. The Irkutsk city even had a local school of architecture, develops one of the directions of Siberian baroque. A crown, unsurpassed masterpiece of Siberian baroque, became Irkutsk Holy Cross Church. The City chronicle refers the beginning of construction of the building by May 1747, and clerge statements assert that the new church was consecrated on September 11, 1758.

1, Sedov st.


09:00 - 19:00

+7 (3952) 20-32-77; +7 (3952) 34-42-42

Useful information

Inside the church: you can not speak in a loud voice, can not keep your hands in your pockets, can’t chew a gum. You should not walk around the church unnecessarily. Discussions in the church need to be as quiet as possible. When coming to the church with children, you must not let them run around and play pranks. You can not smoke on the porch. You can not enter the church with the animals.

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