Olkhon Island

Resorting to poetic images, we can say that the Baikal is a blue heart of Siberia and Olkhon is a heart of Lake Baikal. The island is the geographical, historical and sacred center of the lake - the center of ancient legends and historical traditions. It involves poetic legend about the origin of the Buryat people, according to which the hunter Horidoy married here a celestial swan-maiden, and they got eleven sons, and then became the ancestors of eleven Horinsk delivery.

For the Buryat people Olkhon Island is the geographical center of the Buryat ethnic territory, sacred center of the main Buryat values. Olkhon Island, protected from intruders by cold waters of Lake Baikal, longer than any other places, preserved traditional worldview of Buryats and many of the customs of antiquity. Here, according to tradition, the first Buryat shaman received a shaman gift. In Buryat myths and legends, Olkhon is called as an abode of menacing spirits of Baikal. Here, according to legend, came down from heaven, the chief of the Khans, Haan-Khute-baabay, sent to Earth by the highest gods. Here lives the image of the eagle, his son by the name of Han Shubuu Noyon, who first received the shaman gift from Tengri.

Olkhon Island, considered sacred center of northern shaman peace, ran Mongolian shamans during their pursuit by lamas in the era of Genghis Khan. Because of its isolation Olkhon Island was the last stronghold of the shamans of North Asia.

How to get?

  • In summer there are 2 public buses per day, at 8 am and 10 am, from the Central bus station. There are also some mini-buses during the day.
  • In winter there is only 1 mini-bus at 10 am from the bus station.

Proximate sights

Church of Nikolaos of Myra
Category: Churches
distance 185.8 km

Proximate restaurants

Cafe "Kayuta Kapitana" ("Captain's cabin")
Category: Cafe
distance 0.1 km
Cafe "Kudesnitsa"
Category: Cafe
distance 0.4 km

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