The first Siberian settlers called this place at the source of the Angara - Listvennichnoe. This name has been given to the settlement because of the large number of larch growing in this area. Now it was ingrained another name - Listvyanka.

Listvyanka is located not only on the watershed of Lake Baikal and the Angara river, but also on the fracture of historic times. At the first look, Listvyanka is a modern tourist village with new hotels and actively developing infrastructure. But if you walk a little further along the coast, time ceases to matter. Around only wildlife, undeveloped and not tamed, living by their own laws, and the vast expanse of water, clouded mountain ranges. Throughout its history, Listvyanka knew prosperity and decline, years and decades of violent bursts and calm. Its appearance is not directly related to government decrees. Hereit was given the full play to the proud, independent character of Siberians, their ingenuity, thrift and thoroughness. There is much associated with this ancient settlement of Russian people on Lake Baikal. From whatever side, the view of a researcher did not apply to the glorious sea, whether it exploits the pioneers, the history of scientific research or the development of the great trade routes of Siberia, he'll meet the mention of Listvyanka. Here in Listvyanka, began the road to the east of Russia, hence the push off Cossack ships float away in search of new lands. So it happened that Listvyanka became the guardian of the Baikal history.

For more than 300 years, the inhabitants of Listvyanka saw many things: the Cossacks pistols and peasant husbandry, gold miners and exiles, ships and fishing barges, rail sidings, icebreaking marinas, shipyards shop, revolutionary hard times. Since the long time, Listvanka become a tourist center of the Baikal region. As in previous years, this is the plqce where ships begin their trips, small excursions and long cruises.

How to get?

  • By public bus from the bus station
  • By mini-bus from the Central Market - parking place behind the Central Market building at Timirazev st.

Distance from Irkutsk to Listvyanka - 64 km.

Proximate sights

Baikal Museum of ISC SB RAS
Category: Museums
distance 3.6 km

Proximate restaurants

Restaurant "Sval"
Category: Restaurans
distance 1.1 km
Listvyanka Club Grill & Restaurant
Category: Restaurans
distance 1.2 km

Proximate events

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