Wooden houses

On the "wooden" Irkutsk streets you can see preserved wooden houses decorated with various carvings. These houses - a visit card and pride of Irkutsk. One of the most beautiful wooden houses is "Lace House" (House of Europe) on the Friedrich Engels street. Wooden houses with carvings can be also seen at the folowing streets: Dekabrskikh Sobytiy st., Babushkina st., Karl Liebknecht st., Volodarskogo st., Khalturina st., Bogdan Khmelnytsky st., Gryaznova st., Lapin st., Timiryazeva st., Marata st.

Useful information

Built for the 350th anniversary of Irkutsk "Irkutsk Sloboda", or 130th District - this is a historical quarter of the city, mostly consisting of wooden houses, decorated with carvings in the style of 18-19 centuries.

Proximate sights

Decembrist's museum
Category: Museums
distance 0.2 km
The Fire Tower of the fire department No. 3
Category: Monuments
distance 0.4 km

Proximate restaurants

"Stariy Munkhen (Old Munich)", restaurant
Category: Restaurans
distance 0.4 km
«Razguloff», cafe
Category: Cafe
distance 0.6 km

Proximate events

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