Kazan Church

Kazan church (as Mother of God Church of Irkutsk, the "New" Kazan Cathedral, the full name - Virgin-Irkutsk Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God) is the Orthodox Church in Irkutsk. It performs the functions of the cathedral of Irkutsk and Angarsk archdiocese. It is located in the working-class suburbs, in the administrative district of the Right River Bank.

34/1, Barrikad st.

Proximate sights

Church of Our Lady of Kazan
Category: Churches
distance 0.0 km
Decembrist's museum
Category: Museums
distance 1.0 km

Proximate restaurants

"Chocoladnitsa", cafe
Category: Cafe
distance 1.2 km
"Stariy Munkhen (Old Munich)", restaurant
Category: Restaurans
distance 1.0 km

Proximate events

Irkutsk summer 2015.
distance 1.6 km

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