Znamensky Monastery (The Church of the Holy Sign Painter)

The monastery was founded in 1689 on the right bank of the Angara river. The first buildings were made of wood, and in 1727 Znamensky Monastery came into disrepair. In 1762 it was rebuilt into a stone building. Chapels and other facilities were completed for several years.

On the night of 6 to 7 February 1920 in the vicinity of the monastery was shot a supreme ruler of Russia Alexander Kolchak and chairman of the Council of Ministers Viktor Pepeliaev. With the arrival in Irkutsk of Authorities of the Council, at the disposal of the local diocese remains only the church building, and the monastery is closed. In religious premises are located gidroaviators departments: at the mouth of Ushakovka river since 1928 it is located Irkutsk hydroport.

In 1926, the church became a parish, and from 1929 began to serve as the cathedral, because the Epiphany Cathedral was completely closed for religion, and the Kazan Cathedral was demolished. Seven years later Znamensky temple was closed again, in its buildings were placed aircraft repair shops and garages.

Since the beginning of the war the Irkutsk hydro-stop passenger services, pilots and planes were mobilized. In the monastery there were remained only seaplanes NKPS that catered to Baikal-Amur Railway (BAM). Znamenskaya church was returned to the diocese in 1945. In 1948 it received again the status of a cathedral. In 1953, the seaplane base NKPS was closed.

Since 1991, the relics of St. Innocent Kulchytskyy are located in this church, and on August 27, 1994 in the monastery was revived rite of monastic vows. Currently, the monastery is the diocesan administration of Irkutsk archdiocese.

14, Angarskaya st.


06:00 - 20:00

+7 (3952) 77-84-81

Useful information

Inside the church: you can not speak in a loud voice, can not keep your hands in your pockets, can’t chew a gum. You should not walk around the church unnecessarily. Discussions in the church need to be as quiet as possible. When coming to the church with children, you must not let them run around and play pranks. You can not smoke on the porch. You can not enter the church with the animals.

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