Ice-breaker "Angara"

Ice-breaker "Angara" was launched on July 25, 1900 in the Listvyanka village , where it was delivered unassembled from Newcastle, where the icebreaker was made on the stocks of shipyards "Sir V.G. Armstrong, Whitworth & Co". The customer of the vessel was the Committee on the construction of the Siberian railway, which had acquired by "Armstrong" a steam-powered icebreaker "Baikal" two years earlier. Both ships were intended to provide ferry trains across Baikal, as a temporary measure before the construction of the railway around the lake. Icebreaker "Angara" was intended for the construction of the path on the ice for the ferry "Baikal", which could not overcome safely the load for ice thickness bigger than 70 cm. Before the construction of the Circum-Baikal Railway in 1906, "Angara" with "Baikal" made regular trips across Lake Baikal. After that, due to lack of funds for the maintenance of two icebreakers, the vessel was placed on conservation and for ten years was not operating.

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