Baikal Museum of Irkutsk Scientific Center of the Siberian Branch of The Russian Academy of Sciences

Baikal Museum of the Irkutsk Scientific Center of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, received the status of an independent research institution in 1993. Museum studies focused on the evolution of the ecosystem of Lake Baikal in the following areas: the study of morphological features, species composition, population structure and life cycle of fish parasitic organisms, Baikal seals and birds; development of "on-line" - a system for collecting and transmitting information about Lake Baikal and the Baikal region; introduction of methods of innovative technologies presentation of fundamental knowledge about the lake.

Exposition and educational activities at the museum exhibits are held on "The Development of Life in the abiotic changes on Earth", "Aquarium", "Seal it online", "Wildlife Baikal under the microscope", "virtual dive", "arboretum", "Underwater research Lake Baikal. Past and Present", "deep water manned vehicles "Pisces-class deep submergence vehicle XI".

In 2008, in the museum it was opened Environmental Education Center, established a regional summer school, during the school year, the staff of the museum held thematic lessons on ecology and baikal science.

The winner of the competition "Changing Museum in a Changing World" 2007, Project "Establishment of exposure - remote monitoring of Baikal organisms in real time".

1А, Akademicheskaya st., Listvyanka


9:00 - 19:00

+7 (3952) 45-31-45

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