Shaman Stone

Since ancient times, "Shaman-stone" endowed unusual force. According to the beliefs of the inhabitants of Angara region, Shaman Rock was home to a host of Angara, Ama Sagan Noyon. Here prayed and performed important shamanic rituals, also brought criminal and left him on the rock. And if the night waters of Lake Baikal did not washed him off, the offender was justified.

Legend of the rock says that Baikal wanted to make his daughter, the beautiful Angara, to marry a young warrior named Irkut (one of the tributaries of the Angara). But Angara fell in love with another hero, Yenisey, and ran to him. Angry father threw a huge rock into his daughter - Shaman-stone.

Useful information

After the construction of the Irkutsk hydroelectric station and the dam, water level in the source of the Angara rose, and now, if the weather is nice, you can see only the top of the legendary Shaman stone protruding from the water at 1-1.5 m.

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