Ferry to the Olkhon Island

To go to the Olkhon island is possible by the ferry "Small Sea" - Olkhon, where currently there are two ferries - a small ferry "Dorozhnik" (takes 5-6 cars) and a big ferry "Olkhon Gates" (takes about 17 cars). During summer it is operating the whole day with an interval of about an hour. In summer, at the entrance to the ferry there are many cars, so people wait for many hours. In winter, instead of the ferry, operates the ice road. When the lake is freezing, passengers are carried by the hovercraft "Khivus." In summer the island can be reached by scheduled vessels Irkutsk - Severobaikalsk and Irkutsk - Ust-Barguzin.

Useful information

The ferry operates since th 1st of May, takes about one hour and is free for passengers and cars.

Proximate sights

Church of Nikolaos of Myra
Category: Churches
distance 150.6 km

Proximate restaurants

Restaurant "Baikal View"
Category: Restaurans
distance 35.4 km
Cafe "Kayuta Kapitana" ("Captain's cabin")
Category: Cafe
distance 36.1 km

Proximate events

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