"Gold Grot", bar and restaurant

Welcome to the network of Grot bar and restaurants !   Here the atmosphere is always fun and enjoyable , background music and exquisite cuisine are offered. Restaurants of network Grot are open for real enthusiasts of fantastic, live, fresh, high-quality beer, because here all varieties are presented , not only the leading European sorts, but also of local producer.   The restaurants Grot have tasty cooked meats: sausages, steaks, griled meat and fish - assorted snacks, Baikal smoked omul and a variety of other snacks and salads. From 12.00 to 16.00 on weekdays, the restaurnt offers a lunch menu: salads, soups, main cources and desserts. Guests can choose dinner depending on their mood and appetite, which is very convenient. With great flutter chef applies the banquet menu - always taking into account the wishes of the guests, improvises adding new positions.

11, Polina Osipenko st.


12:00 - 00:00

+7 (3952) 485-917

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