International Ice Yachting Competitions on lake Baikal.

The great event is going to happen in Irkutsk region. The week of Ice Yachting Sport will take place on lake Baikal, Sarma Bay (near with the island of Olkhon). The competitions will have several stages. Among competitors there are athletes from Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Hunguary, Polland, and Switzerland. It is also known that not only adult, but young athletes will participate in the competitions.

Ice Yachting is a kind of boat races. But the main feature of this sport is that races can be hold only on ice. For such kind of races slight boats are used. The boats are similar with yachts, but it equipped with the special metal skates for the controllability on ice. This event has very big importance in sports community and will be shown for the whole world on such famous American TV channels as BBC and CNN.

Winners will become owners of cups of Asia and Baikal. It is necessary to remind that in 2014 the Russian athlete Oleg Vasilyev became the owner of the cup of Baikal, and the cup of Asia was taken by the German athlete Yost Kolb.

For all visitors of this event - you can enter for free. The competitions start every day, from April 2 to April 9, at 10:00.

Information was taken from the website IRK.RU

Lake Baikal, Sarma Bay
April 2 - April 9

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