Hotel "U Svetlany"

Hotel "U Svetlany" is located in Khuzhir settlement, in one of the sunniest places on the lake, on a mysterious ancient land - Olkhon Island, transcendental abode of spirits. Here you will find peace of mind, enjoy the unique nature.

The homestead offers 2-4 bed rooms in warm houses and two-stores building with a separate entrance. Here in the hotel you will find Russian cuisine and fish dishes prepared at home. The bar always has beer, chocolate, juices. Hotel services and facilities: sauna, shower, parking, cellular, satellite, Internet. You can make tours and walks on Olkhon Island at its historic, sacred places. Among them, car trips around the island, horse riding, hiking, cycling, as well as the water travels to Lake Baikal.

Price - from 650 Rub up to 850 Rub.

Pervomayskaya st., Khuzhir, Olkon Island



+79021703862; +79501020341

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