Hotel "Altan"

Hotel "Altan"offers year-round vacation in the beautiful natural areas with a large choice of entertainment programs. It is located in the area which can be reached by car or mini bus. Here there you can book popular excursions to the Olkhon Island, Ogoy Island in Sarminskoe Valley and other sacred places, the caves, healing springs. Small Sea is a favorite recreation area on Lake Baikal.

Hotel "Altan" offers comfortable accommodation in a modern 3-4- places' wooden houses. Provided comfortable double rooms in the two-storey cottages. Price - from 1800 to 15500 rubles.

Guests of the hotel "Altan" can enjoy a modern infrastructure nearby: restaurant, Russian steam sauna with a swimming pool, a karaoke bar, excursions, fishing, a range of additional entertainment.

Hotel "Altan" provides an ideal setting for a family vacation or for a holiday with friend to enjoy nature, privacy and comfort. Take a break from the constant rush of urban life - the nature opens exciting opportunities for relaxation to gain additional strength for your new achievements.

Baikal, Small Sea, Olkhon region, 11 km in the Sarma direction



+79025-666-101, +7(3952)666-101, +7(3952)500-303

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