Irkutsk museum of vintage motorbikes and objects of old times

In December 2014 only one in Eastern Siberia Museum of Retro Motorbikes opened its doors for Irkutsk citizens and visitors. The collection, which was collected over 10 years by the founder of the museum Vladimir Astafjev, is really unique: all the equipment is still on the move and, thanks to the efforts of restorers, looks as good as new, despite its age. The museum features more than 40 models of motor vehicles production of the USSR - IL motorcycles, Sunrise, Ural, Dnepr, Kovrovets, Minsk; mopeds Riga, Verkhovyna Carpathians; Scooters Tula, Vyatka, Tulitsa. Of course, not without the dream of all Soviet bikers - the legendary Czechoslovak Java (represented by five models) and tuning the bike CZ. All exhibits, purchased or received as a gift from the citizens, spent a lot of time in restoration workshops, many were collected literally "on the cog." Some motorcycles are more than 60 years old, and they require a special attention. Of course, motor vehicles is the pride of the collection, but you can not ignore the other exhibits: Exhibition also includes household items, kitchenware, furniture, musical instruments of an early and mid-20th century, which turns a visit to the museum into a real adventure, diving into the past. Within 3 months more than 2,000 inhabitants of Irkutsk and guests visited this museum. Admiring reviews and thanks in the book of visitors, according to Vladimir Astafiev, is the main evaluation of the work of the museum.

27. Podgornaya st.


10:00 - 19:00

+7 (3952) 93-16-34, 93-95-95

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