Orange ball, street basketball competition.

The all-Russian competitions on street basketball "Orange ball" will be held August 9 on the rollerdrom of stadium "Trud". The rules of the competition - teams of four people in three age categories: under 16 years , 17 – 18 years , 19 years and older. The tournament will be held on the Olympic system (shootout). "Orange ball" can surely be attributed to such sporting events of national scale, as the "Cross of Nations", "Russian azimuth", "ski Track of Russia". Tournament on street basketball is very popular among the youth of Russia and the Irkutsk region in particular. Street basketball is available to everyone, the game brings together participants and is one of the most effective forms of work with the younger generation.

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Irkutsk Academic Drama Theatre of N.P. Okhlopkov
Category: Theatres
distance 0.2 km
130th District
Category: For Walk
distance 0.2 km

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"Chento", restaurant
Category: Restaurans
distance 0.3 km
"Kruzhal", bar
Category: Bars
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