Baikal Sled Dog Race 2016

The Baikal Sled Dog Race will be held on the 5th of March 2016 at 17.00 near the icebreaker "Angara" (36а/1 , Prospect Marshala Zhukova, Irkutsk). The event will be held according to the International Festival of the Winter Games in Lake Baikal "Winteriada - 2016".

Discipline and distance: Skijoring: 56 km, 155 km. Dog sledding: 56 km, 155 km and 545 km.

The uniqueness of the race is linearity entire route. The stopwatch is turned on at the start and turned off in few days at the finish. Each rider decides when and where to stop himself, where to spend a night along the route, relying only on his own experience and knowledge, tactics and strategy, each participant creates his own sport history.

Tortuous and difficult route of the race includes taiga passes, steep descents, turns, night crossings, coastal ice expanse of sacred Lake Baikal, the Angara River bays, rugged terrain taiga.

Race Baikal Race began in 2013 as a landmark race in 60 km, and each year increasing the mileage of the route, went to the three distances: 56 km, 155 km and 545 km.

Baikal Sled Dog Race 2016 - this is a real opportunity for personal growth of each participant and partner. This race reveals weaknesses, and it is not for weak people.

This event is exciting for our region and Russia. It is aimed at testing the willpower and the spirit of the participants. We can assume a personal victory for those who will take this race to the end.

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36а/1 , Prospect Marshala Zhukova




Proximate sights

Ice-breaker "Angara"
Category: Museums
distance 0.0 km
Excursion in the ice-breaker “Angara”
Category: Museums
distance 0.0 km

Proximate restaurants

"Chocoladnitsa", cafe
Category: Cafe
distance 4.0 km
"Stariy Munkhen (Old Munich)", restaurant
Category: Restaurans
distance 5.3 km

Proximate events

Baikal Business Forum
distance 1.0 km

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