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BBT "Eco-action" needs volunteers for their biggest project on lake Baikal. The help is requiered in the arrangement and improvement of Big Baikal Trail. This project includes arrangement of the trail from Listvyanka village to Buguldeika village. The long-term goal of the project is developing of turism industry and annual maintaining of existing trails. The length of the planning route is about 150 km. On this territory there are such places as Peschanaya Bay and Babushka Bay, Kadilnaya Fold with its amazing caves and others. This picturesque area is very popular among tourists, but, unfortunately, it is not well mantained. That is why the only one safe place is the area from Listvyanka village to Bolshie Koty village.

The project starts from 5 different sites at one time: Listvyanka village, Bolshie Koty village, Kadilnaya Fold, Bolshoe Goloustnoe village, Peschnaya Bay. It is going to be a big hike, where the participants will go along the trail for a long time with their bagpacks and equipment, necessary for mantaining the trail.

You can join or help to develop the project right now on the website:

The necessary information for volunteers you can find on the website:

Listvyanka village

20.08.16- 29.08.16

+7 914-876-17-45; +7 950-131-23-53

Proximate sights

Baikal Museum of ISC SB RAS
Category: Museums
distance 1.9 km

Proximate restaurants

Listvyanka Club Grill & Restaurant
Category: Restaurans
distance 1.1 km
Restaurant "Sval"
Category: Restaurans
distance 1.2 km

Proximate events

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