Sukachov Manor House

The manor, created in the 1880s, was owned by V.P. Sukachov, the well-known patron of the arts and the founder of the picture gallery. V.P. Sukachov inherited a large fortune from the Trapeznikov merchants, including a mansion at the Melochny Bazar (now it’s the building of the Irkutsk Regional Court). But V.P. Sukachov found an inherited mansion uncomfortable for living due to its size. The Sukachov family acquired a plot of land in the suburbs of the city, next to streets Jerusalimskaya (now the 1st Sovetskaya), Laninskaya (Dekabrskikh Sobyty), Solomatovskaya (Karla Libknekhta). V.P. Sukachov built a manor consisted of a mansion, guest house, lodge and accompanied buildings. The manor territory housed an art gallery and a school for girls from poor families. Construction works were completed in the summer of 1883. The stone greenhouse, which accommodated the picture gallery, was built in 1888. Unfortunately, historians have not yet been able to identify the name of the architect who created the manor project. Also they cannot establish its exact boundaries - it is assumed that the mansion was placed at the site of the "Tank “Irkutsk Komsomolets" monument. The manor had a magnificent garden featuring not just flowers but also cedar, birch, oak, barberry, white cedar, Hungarian lilac and manchurian walnut trees. The flower garden was organized to make the flowering of plants constantly changed - roses, violets, asters, delphiniums and other beautiful flowers which created the atmosphere of a continuous holiday. The winter garden housed the collection of unique plants brought from all over the world. The Sukachov picture gallery houses the paintings of Repin, Platonov, Makovsky, Vereshchagin, Aivazovsky, and also other copies from the paintings of Raphael, Correggio, Murillo, Rubens. After the Civil War and the Revolution, the Sukachov family had to flee to Bakhchisarai, where V.P. Sukachov passed away. He was buried at the Bakhchisarai cemetery. Both the manor and the garden gradually fell to decay, the trees were cut down to the dance floor, the buildings were dismantled for firewood. In 1986, the manor was handed over to the Art museum. The restoration works began, but stopped soon due to lack of funds. By the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, Sukachov manor was announced to be a cultural monument in February 1995. The restoration works were resumed in 1998. The guest house, the first restored building, was turned over to the museum in November 2000. On May 16, 2001, the exhibition "V.P. Sukachov is a patron of arts and public figure" was opened in the restored building. In December 2002 the lodge "Services from stables" was opened for visitors, and later in the summer of 2004 the "House of servants and a kitchen" were opened too. The staff of the museum made an attempt to recreate the life of a noble family in these buildings. The memorial and art exhibition dedicated to the life and work of V.P. Sukachev and his family is represented in the main two-storied house of the manor complex in the art gallery. The collection contains objects belonged to V.P. Sukachov himself and his family (furniture, music instruments, books, photos, documents etc). Also it shows the works of art from his collection - Western European and Russian paintings, handicrafts, sculptures. The exposition includes a unique historical Winter Garden, which existed during Sukachov’s lifetime, recreated from photographs and documents. In the mansion there are regular fascinating excursions, thematic classes on the history of culture, musical and literary salons, plays, balls and master classes.

112Б Dekabrskikh Sobutii str.

+7 (3952) 53-12-24

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