The Fire Tower of the fire department No. 3

The Fire Tower, the highest building in the pre-revolutionary Irkutsk, is a cultural monument of federal importance. Since XVIII, the fire service in Russia was part of the city police system, and later it was turned over to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. N.I. Treskin, Irkutsk Governor, initiated the reconstruction of the city's fire service in 1814. The governor ordered to build three private councils, and to accommodate the city police in a two-storey stone house on the street Lugovaya (Marata). After the capitals, Irkutsk became the third city in Russia where firefighting service was organized at such a high level. On October 1898, the Irkutsk Duma decided to build a fire tower. The construction was completed in the summer of 1901. At the beginning of the 20th century, the fire tower was the highest building in Irkutsk. Its platform is 34,7 meters above the ground. There was always a watchman on the tower who observed the city and reported in case of fire. In the Soviet times, the fire tower housed the fire department No. 2, which then was transferred to the Baikalskaya street in 1988. The deserted ancient building, the cultural monument, became in all but name abandoned. In 1998, the restoration works began, but halted several times due to lack of funds. The reconstruction of the fire tower was completed in December 2012. On June 10, 2014, in honor of the 200-th anniversary of the Irkutsk fire department, the opening ceremony of the Fire Protection Museum of Irkutsk and Irkutsk oblast was held. Some of the exhibits were taken from the combat glory room of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia in the Irkutsk oblast, while the larger part was collected in the garrisons of the fire protection of the Irkutsk oblast. The exposition highlights the history of the fire protection of Irkutsk and Eastern Siberia, and presents an interesting collection of fire engines. A special exposition is dedicated to the history and modern practice of the fire department.

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