Monument to Alexander III
Monument to Emperor Alexander III is installed at the intersection of the main street Karl Marx and the Upper River Embankment.
Monument to Alexander Kolchak
Opening of the monument took place in 2004 in honor of the 130th anniversary from the date of his birth. The monument was the first monument to the famous admiral in Russia. The sculpture was installed near Znamenskaya church near the Angara river and the place where Kolchak in 1920 was shot. On the pedestal of the monument are depicted the bas-reliefs of two soldiers, the brothers in the form of a red and white army, lowered their rifles, bayonets, which symbolizes the end of the civil war.
Monument to Alexander Vampilov
Monument to Alexander Vampilov was established in September 20, 2003 in the Right Bank district of Irkutsk. The monument is located in Karl Marx Street in the park near Irkutsk Academic Drama Theatre.
Monument to Cossacks - pioneers
Monument to Cossacks - pioneers was established in 2011 for the 350th anniversary of Irkutsk city.
Monument to Leonid Gaidai
Leonid Gaidai is a very popular and famous Soviet film director. The composition of the monument consists of the figure of the legendary filmmaker and his popular characters, depicting the scene from a comedy.