130th District
130th District is specially created area of historic buildings in Irkutsk, which includes several dozen monuments of architecture and history of the city. The 130th District is located in the southern part of the "historical center of Irkutsk" at the foot of the Cross Mountain.
Karl Marx street
Karl Marx street is located on the Right Bank in the district of Irkutsk city, one of the biggest and oldest streets in the city. Located in the historic center, starts from the intersection with Gagarin Boulevard, ending at the intersection with the Oktyabrskoy Revolutsii street.
Kirov Square
Kirov Square is a pleasant place to relax.
Lower River Embankment
You can take a walk on the Lower River Embankment from the monument to Jakov Pokhabov (Cossack leader who founded Irkutsk) to Moscow gates, which is a start point for the boat excursion. Near the Lower River Embnkment there are located the Epiphany Cathedral, the Church of the Saviour, Polish Roman-Catholic Church, a chapel, as well as the eternal flame and memorial "Irkutsk people during the Great Patriotic War".
Upper River Embankment
You can take a walk on the Upper River Embankment, see the monument to Alexander III, the White House - the former residence of the Governor-General, visit the museum. Across the bridge, you can go to the island of Youth and the island of Horse, where there is the Children's Railway.
Uritskogo street
Uritskogo Street is a pedestrian shopping street, one of the oldest in Irkutsk. There are many stone building of the XIX century in this street, in which there are shops, banks, restaurants and so on.
Wooden houses
On the "wooden" Irkutsk streets you can see preserved wooden houses decorated with various carvings. These houses - a visit card and pride of Irkutsk. One of the most beautiful wooden houses is "Lace House" (House of Europe) on the Friedrich Engels street. Wooden houses with carvings can be also seen at the folowing streets: Dekabrskikh Sobytiy st., Babushkina st., Karl Liebknecht st., Volodarskogo st., Khalturina st., Bogdan Khmelnytsky st., Gryaznova st., Lapin st., Timiryazeva st., Marata st.